Address Environmental Issues Before You Buy or Sell

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Are you purchasing or selling property? Residential and commercial real estate transactions often raise environmental concerns, especially with a large piece of property. Don't risk a major setback during closing. Contact Environmental Law Attorney Practice Group for a consultation today.

Many real estate lawyers lack the specific knowledge needed to resolve environmental issues. Our team of attorneys will provide risk assessments and advice to let you make more informed real estate decisions. Call 612-746-5754 today to retain an environmental attorney.

How can we assist you with real estate transactions?

Environmental Law Attorney Practice Group can serve several key roles within real estate transactions. Hire us to:

  • Provide risk assessments for banks and lenders financing a property with environmental concerns.
  • Consult with real estate lawyers seeking guidance on environmental issues.
  • Assist lawyers with attaining liability insurances
We've worked closely with environmental issues like vapor intrusion and water contamination. Reach out to us today to gain the upper hand in your real estate transaction.