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Environmental lawsuits are becoming increasingly common within commercial and industrial industries. Are you dealing with matters of contamination or insurance recovery? You need a dedicated environmental attorney to represent your best interests. Contact Environmental Law Attorney Practice Group for skilled representation and legal services

Our law firm represents clients filing or defending environmental lawsuits. We have decades of experience in both state and federal courts. Call 612-746-5754 today to gain a powerful ally in your case.

Never step into the courtroom alone

Environmental litigation should never be taken lightly. When you need results, hire Environmental Law Attorney Practice Group to:

  • Gather all of the necessary resources and evidence
  • Closely scrutinize allegations made in the lawsuit
  • Prepare all spoken and written responses
Your environmental litigation attorney will stand by your side in court. We will present all the necessary facts and figures to defend and support your case. Speak with us today to discuss the details of your environmental lawsuit.